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4 weeks. All fat loss.
4 weeks. Ultimate Fat Loss.

The most proven fat loss strategies come together..
for only 20-30 minutes each day
4 weeks. All fat loss.
4 weeks. All fat loss.
The most proven fat loss strategies come together..
for only 20 minutes each day
4 weeks. All fat loss.
4 weeks.Ultimate Fat Loss.
Fat loss and Fitness Simplified for your busy life..
in 20-30 minutes each day!
Miranda Tiller Fitness - Copyright 2017
What the 4 weeks include..
Daily Accountability
Features a private Facebook group for lively interaction and constant accountability.
Nutrition Plan
A flexible diet plan designed for YOUR life to achieve maximal fat loss.
Future Success Guidance
Provided game plan to stay on track AFTER your 4 week transformation.
Hi my name is Miranda! And I created this fat loss program based on my past struggles..
As a new mom, I struggled to find the time, energy, and...lets just say it, confidence to lose the 55 lbs that I gained when I was pregnant with my first son. I felt terrible about my body and SO uncomfortable in my own skin. I knew that I needed to make the decision to change. Not only my appearance-- but the way I was treating myself.

I needed to do the inner work for the outer work to be possible.

I didn't have the time to spend 1-2 hours, 4-5 times per week in the gym like I had before. I did not want to spend hours cooking every single week. I needed something that I could do from home with minimal equipment, plus the mindset work needed to sustain this change. And so, my 4 week program idea was born! 

I'm proud to say that I lost my 55 pounds of pregnancy weight with elements from this exact program! I've compiled the best, most effective exercises to help you burn fat in less than 30 minutes per day plus added daily mindset work to help you achieve and sustain these goals! Easy to follow meal plans designed for YOU + simple recipes + 20-30 minute workouts+ mindset work= massive weight loss success with my program!

I would love to have you be a part of my fit squad and show you everything I know to help YOU become the BEST, most confident, and badass version of yourself!

*Limited spots available due to personal customization

Miranda Tiller Fitness - Copyright 2017
"I go through these 4 weeks like I'm right along side you during your journey!"
Miranda Tiller -Founder of the 4 week ultimate fat loss group

Not sure HOW to perform an exercise correctly? I've got you! The exercises are explained in your PDF but, I will also be popping into our group with form correction and 

As a busy momma of 2 little boys, I understand the importance of a quick, efficient workout and am excited to go through these 4 weeks WITH you!

Don't take my word for it... Here's what other Fat Loss Squad Members are saying...
Did I leave out the fact that this program is yours to keep after the 4 weeks!?

I always ensure to set my fat loss squad up for long term success and leave no one high and dry after our 4 weeks together, so this group will be available to you at ANY time in the future to repeat or further progress your fat loss journey!

This is the never ending road of fat loss! No short term gimmicks here.

Here's everything that you get after sign up...
Questionnaire + Goal Sheet sent to you so I can better understand your needs
Simple and easy to follow nutrition plan
Exercise videos done by me with breakdown and form execution
Weekly Live Coaching by me in our group
Interactive private Facebook group with other 4 week fat loss squad members
Daily tips, motivation, and questions to keep our group lively and interactive.
Unlimited Email Support
Weekly Mindset Workbooks
Most important of all.. RESULTS!
"I guarantee my 20-30 minute per day workouts and nutrition plan will jump start your fat loss in just 4 weeks time."
Miranda Tiller-Founder of the 4 week fat loss squad

*20-30 minute workouts are performed 5 days per week, Monday-Friday.

*Workout facility is not required. However, a set of dumbbells and a resistance band is recommended 2-3 days of the program. If not possible for you, custom modifications can be made upon request.

Limited spots available 
Miranda Tiller Fitness - Copyright 2017
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